General Villa Vacation FAQs

What are the rental price ranges of the villas and how is the price determined?

Rental prices depend on size, number of bedrooms, design, location popularity and time of year you choose to travel in (low, medium or high season). Amenities, inclusive services and villa popularity/availability are additional price influencing factors.

Are quoted prices per person?

No, quoted prices are for the entire property irrespective of the number of persons actually using the villa, unless otherwise stated. In some instances, owners may offer discounts for smaller groups and this will be clearly stated in the villa listing and in your quotation.

Do prices change?

Rental prices may change without notice. Please double check prices prior to signing your contract. We reserve the right to correct errors in the prices subject to the provisions of our booking conditions.

Do you offer discounted weekly rates?

Discounts are advertised when they are being offered and may usually be considered for stays longer than 14 nights.

What is included in the price

Price includes use of accommodation and amenities as specified, standard maid services as specified, linen, toiletries, final cleaning, utilities/energy costs and basic travel assistance (such as check in assistance, villa introduction and general information about the surrounding area). Some owners may ask for utilities/energy costs arrangements for off season or longer term rentals and this will be clearly stated in our quotation. If your accommodation has a telephone installed and you would like to be able to use this you must request this in advance.  A telephone use deposit may be payable prior to your arrival at the accommodation (the date and the amount will be advised at the time of booking).

Can you send me a brochure?

We do not provide hard copy brochures. Our full collection can be viewed on line and an on-line brochure in pdf format is available for download for every property in the property listing page.

Reservation FAQs

How can we book and pay for our villa?

You can either BOOK NOW (which is accept terms, book and pay on-line for properties offering this feature) or INQUIRE (which is submit an inquiry for any property that interests you to which we will respond with terms, price & availability).  Upon inquiry we will provide you with a Booking Form including Booking Details & Payment Schedule to sign and return to us. Following receipt of the signed documents and advance payment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and the property is then officially booked for you.

What payment options are available?

Depending on booking type (BOOK NOW or INQUIRE) we accept major credit cards and bank remittances. You Booking Form will contain payment details. Payments must be made in the quotation currency (usually EUR) and all charges and commissions are covered by the party making the payment.

What happens if we have disability and special requests?

Please make sure you provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements. Unfortunately a great number of the advertised properties are wheelchair inaccessible due to their remote location and natural surroundings.

What happens once we have made a booking?

You will provided with a booking confirmation upon payment of the booking deposit. Upon payment of the balance (usually within 8-4 weeks before the first day of the Rental Period) we will send you your Accommodation Voucher including travel instructions, villa address, check in contact details and other information relevant to your rental.

When are rental payments due?

The booking deposit is usually 25%-35% of the total rental price and is payable as soon as you wish to confirm your booking. The remaining balance is usually due 8-4 weeks prior to arrival date; however this may vary from villa to villa, length of rental and timing of your reservation. Please allow sufficient time for payments to clear through the banking system.

Is there a deposit to be paid for damages and how is this paid and returned back to us?

Yes, a refundable security deposit is required and the exact amount and payment procedure is stated on the Booking Form. The security deposit is due upon full payment and is refunded back to you – assuming no damages – within 15 days from departure. Relevant terms are clearly stated on the Booking Form.

What happens if I want to change or cancel my villa booking?

If you decide to make a change we shall contact the owner and make every attempt to meet your request, but cannot guarantee compliance with such requests. Any changes will take the form of new booking and may result to additional charges and administration fees. Except for a change relating to occupants (names or number of occupants), other changes may be treated as a cancellation and cancellation charges will be imposed. Please refer to your Booking Form for further information on cancellation policy. Please note that cancellation policies between properties vary.

Are there any restrictions regarding children?

It depends on the unique villa owner and its location; if the villa is situated on a cliff, for example, or is filled with fragile artifacts. Some owners may place age restrictions and may ask for liability waivers. Please refer to the appropriate villa listing for exact information.

Is it possible to add additional guests later?

Yes you may as long as there is sufficient room. If your quotation is based on a per guest or per bedroom rate, you may have to bear additional costs. Any changes will take the form of an amendment to your Rental Agreement.

Where will I collect the keys to my accommodation?

You will either be met at the airport/port/arrival point or at the villa by a local representative who will give you your keys to the villa as well as a tour to familiarize you with all aspects of the property. Details regarding your key collection will be on your Accommodation Voucher and collection points vary depending on the villa you are traveling to

Are there set arrival and departure times and days (changeover dates)?

Check in times are usually between 14:00 and 15:00 local time and check out time is usually set at 10:00am local time on the day of departure. Exact check in and check out times will be written on the Booking Form. If you check in immediately after a night flight this would normally count as one night’s accommodation. Similarly if your departure flight is at night you will be required to vacate your villa at 10:00am local time prior to leaving for the airport. Arrival and departure times will be confirmed in your Booking Form. Any changeover day restrictions will be clearly stated in the Booking Form.

Are there any restrictions regarding number of nights per stay?

The minimum length of stay is one week (7 nights).

What age qualifies as a child and as an infant?

A child must be under the age of 12 on the return journey to qualify for any available child discount and an infant must be under the age of 2 on the return journey to qualify for any available infant discount. Children > 2 years of age are considered separate guests.

Are there a maximum number of guests?

Unless a maximum occupancy number is stated in the individual villa listing (depending upon # of beds) it is assumed that the maximum occupancy for any villa is 2 people per bedroom.

Can I bring along my pet?

Pets are often allowed and must be declared at the time of submitting your inquiry. If you wish to bring one, you must ask us for written approval and an additional Security Deposit may apply. We will obtain the owner’s consent and confirm their agreement on the Rental Agreement. Please ensure you have the correct travel documentation, identification and vaccination proof for your pets. Please note that pets must not enter the pool and must not be placed on sofas or beds given that owners reserve the right to be compensated for any damage arising.

Is there a minimum age for renting a villa?

You must be at least 18 years old to rent a villa promoted on our website. The person renting the property will sign all Booking Documents and must occupy the property.  He/she has the authority to accept and does accept on behalf of all the occupants our terms of business.

Travel FAQs

Should I buy Travel Insurance?

YES! Adequate travel insurance covering you and all members of your party (all tenants) must be arranged prior to departure and taken with you when you travel. This is a condition of renting  properties promoted by us and you will need to confirm your travel insurance arrangements Booking Form. We firmly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance to protect you from cancellation, delay, loss, theft or disruption due to medical emergencies (on vacation or back at home). Please do not neglect Travel Insurance.

What are the passport and visa requirements?

Greece is a signatory to the 1995 Schengen Agreement. All passengers must carry a valid 10 year passport with at least 6 months validity prior to the expiry date on the date of the return journey. Children must either have their own passport or be registered on the passport of one of their parents. If you are a non-Schengen Agreement member country resident please enquire regarding visa requirements at your country’s Greek embassy

Do I need a driving license?

A valid EU driving license is required to hire a car.

What are the health and safety requirements?

The Greek National Health system provides a basic medical service to Greek nationals and has a reciprocal agreement with many EU countries. European travelers should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before traveling. The EHIC is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Greek nationals. Travelers are advised to check recommended practice with their doctor (GP), practice nurse or travel health clinic.

Are transfers provided?

Transfers are not included in the rental cost of your booking except otherwise stated. Transfers may be provided as an additional service. Please let us know if you require this service.

How do I get directions to the villa and how do I get the key?

Your Accommodation Voucher will include all travel instructions including villa address, directions on how to get there and check in contact details.

Will someone meet us upon arrival at the destination?

Yes. Upon arrival a local representative will meet you either at the airport/port/arrival point or at the villa, will give you your keys to the villa as well as a villa tour to familiarize you with all aspects of the property.

Can we occupy the accommodation before 4pm (or other set arrival time) on the day of arrival or vacate the accommodation later than the confirmed time of 10am (or other set departure time)?

Usually no but we will advise if you can depart late (based on availability) or if local facilities are available for you to use.

On Site Service FAQs

How much privacy will we have around the property?

Most of properties promoted by us are as secluded and private as your own home.

What if there are building/construction works?

We make every effort to ensure that you are aware of any building or construction work. However work can start with little to no warning and cannot form claim for a refund.

What about noise?

We make reasonable effort to ensure that you are aware of any known sources of noise which exist or might be expected to exist such as, but not limited to, nightclubs, airports and local animals.

What about local animals?

Local animals (dogs, cats) may have been welcomed by previous guests. Properties near farmland and in remote locations may have other animals in the surroundings.

Who do I contact in the event I have a problem at the villa?

For every villa booked through us you will be given contact details of a local housekeeper or villa manager who will be accessible round the clock to respond to any problem you might have.  Also please copy us in any requests, to enableus to follow up and – if needed – take remedial action.

What services do you promote other than booking the villa?

Depending on the villa additional services may include concierge services, extra maid service, airport transfers, laundry services, babysitting and in house chef. Prices upon request.